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Relay Services

NEW! The Baton Rouge Social Security Office offers Video Remote Interpreting services. Click here for more information.

Louisiana Relay Service (LRS)
This is a text to voice/voice to text service, in the general category of Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS). Communication Assistants (CAs) facilitate communication between TTY and voice telephones by voicing everything typed on TTY and typing everything voiced on the conventional telephone. All calls are strictly confidential. This FREE service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Quick Access: dial 711
Customer Service number: (888) 699-6869 (TTY/voice)

Video Relay Service (VRS)
Free service for deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens that utilizes the skills of a certified ASL interpreter. Users must have a high speed Internet connection and a web camera (which is provided free of charge). The deaf user signs to an ASL interpreter, who then contacts the hearing user via standard telephone and relays the conversation. Hearing individuals can place video relay calls to deaf individuals as well.

There are several video relay service providers, including: