From the Director

Message from LSD Director Dr. Nancy Benham

160 years and still going strong!  It is hard to believe that it is time for the new school year!  Last year our focus was “Raising the Bar!”  Our staff and students stepped up to the plate!  We are proud of what they accomplished last year and are encouraging them to “Raise the Bar Higher” this year!  We are so fortunate to have the quality academic, residential and support staff that we do!  They truly care for the students and want the best for them! 

The families of students who are deaf and hard of hearing in our great state are so fortunate to the ability to decide where their child attends school!  Students attend our school tuition-free!  They have opportunities to participate in academic as well as extra-curricular activities such as, football, power lifting, cheerleading, girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, track, drama and Space Camp, just to name a few. Leadership opportunities are also available through the Student Body Government and Jr. National Association of the Deaf.   

We haveestablished an outdoor learning environment for our elementary students.  We started with 2 buildings (bank and library) last year and have since added 6 more (service station, fire department, hospital, police station, barn and market).  The purpose of this outdoor learning environment (Lagniappe Children’s Village) is to provide opportunities for staff to model, teach and expand the language of our students.  It is also an opportunity to incorporate Deaf Culture, Louisiana Culture and the history of LSD.  Many of the buildings have been named after famous Deaf individuals.  Numbers that have been included on the fire department and bank relate to important years in our school’s history.  The name of the town reflects the extra effort that our staff gives to our students so they can have the best education! Everything that we do at LSD is with our students in mind!  

Celebrate with us as we honor all who have made this school what it is today! We hope you will join us for this great event as well as our other events that are on-campus and open to the public! 

I continue to believe that ALL children can learn- 

Then, they WILL RISE to the CHALLENGE!!!

Our focus and theme this year is - RAISING THE BAR HIGHER!!! 

Dr. Nancy Benham